Saturday, March 1, 2008

A Video Interview on Writing Filipino Romance Novels

I have always been happy to give interviews to students on popular writing, especially on romance writing.

Writing for popular media has always been misunderstood and its enormous potential for valuable contribution toward genuine social development has been largely unrecognized. Many students either feel that writing for popular media is "selling out" or go into it just precisely "for the money" and without any other concerns.

I have always believed that writers can and should write for popular media and face the challenge of providing high entertainment value and quality content with socially enriching messages. It IS possible and can be both lucrative and fulfilling for the writer. This is the message I always strive to put across to young writers.

I would like to thank Jules Morada and Carl Tan of the Ateneo de Manila High School 4G (Fourth Year) for this interview. It was part of their requirements for their English class.

You can watch the video at


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